Selection Sunday!

DOOOOOOD, it was Selection Sunday. As in the day that the tournament teams are picked! So you know what that means — it’s time to randomly pick winners, lots and lots of winners! Enough winners to beat the defending champion, YB!

So yeah, I’m sending out the brackets to everyone who has ever entered and their momma, so turn it in by Thursday morning like 8am EST, or 11am EST. Those are approximate times because I didn’t have a chance to check when the exact first game starts. I have been busy, so busy that I almost didn’t realize about today (and I don’t mean about Pi Day). But not too busy for the best yearly sports event that I can think of right now! :)


  1. Ooh checking my email now! This year will be the year. I can feel it.
    .-= Leaf´s last blog: Flexing my Green Thumb =-.

  2. uhhh… the super bowl was a month ago

  3. lol i see leaf has been prepared with her bracket, just waiting to send it :-P either that, or she has nothing better to do at work than to research college basketball.
    Either way. This year, MY year.
    mmhmm thank you, thank you. I am sorry for all your losses. May your brackets rest in peace.

    .-= special k´s last blog: guilt free =-.

  4. super bowl schmuper bowl!

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