One Month Late, More or Less

Okay, okay, I know, I am really late! And it’s not cos I’m playing Flash games, cos I’m kind of sick of Flash. It’s not like I own lots of Apple junx or anything, but I am so sick of updating Adobe Flashplayer (and Acrobat) and I’m so sick of security warnings about ’em and I hate stupid webpages that are Flash based for no good reason (like practically every restaurant site for example) and so… if Apple wants to stop supporting Flash in some of their products, and it causes more websites to require less Flash, then I am happy, and I don’t care about the whys and wherefores!

But also, as y’all know, we moved this year, right around the time of the tournament (I know, what were we thinking?!) and it was so busy. I am sure there are people out there who are organized and label their boxes and then unpack them and clean and blah blah, and even they don’t like moving. Well… I am NOT organized and there was no labeling, and at the end, we were throwing stuff in paper bags and moving those over and then the cleaning! There are floors that need mopping, and trees dropping branches and leaves, and laundry, and etcetc. It’s calmed down a lot since the beginning, but still. (Hrmmm, actually quite a number of you have had to deal with my litany of complaints every time you say “hey” so let this be a preview and warning to you. Although CT gets it the worst, I have been sending her whining unsolicited emails inviting her to visit me so I can show her the new place but we both know I just want someone to unpack stuff and put it away and organize and clean and get me a drink!)

But ANYWAY, enough of that, FOR NOW (more coming, that’s a threat, not a promise)! For doing so well (note how I am being gracious, although less so now that I am pointing out my graciousness), I thought K deserved an acknowledgment, late or not.

This year’s Know-Nothing Official Final Standings although we all knew how it was going to pan out a long time ago:
Special K (nice job, only one to break 60 points): 63
mim, Pol (beginner’s luck!): 59
Yut: 56
President of the US: 55
Lew, Chalk: 54
CT, misa, Seth (way outta the cellar): 48
shio: 46
YuHK (alone at the bottom!): 45

I have put CT in charge of your prize! Collect it when you see her. Congrats, aren’t you glad Air Force wasn’t in it this year:)


  1. beginner’s luck? psssh

    if only kansas didn’t choke

    i’ve been addicted to the super mario crossover game, it’s fun playing all the old nes chars

  2. hahaha :-D yay!
    packing is a pain… I can’t even stand moving in and out of an apartment. I have three more weeks until I have to move out of my apartment and I’m just staring at everything…not sure what to do with it. I just kinda want to toss it all into a truck and call it a day.
    .-= special k´s last blog: feel the burrrrrn =-.

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