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Many years ago we were trying to decide what to do, and since Jimyo was always looking for people to play Monopoly with him, we agreed to play Monopoly. Hours and hours later, we were still at it, and I had a headache. Compounding this was that we’d all made terrible deals with Jimyo (terrible for him; he was in elementary school I think) and it looked like the game was going to last forever. We were playing as fast as we could but omg, Monopoly had stopped being fun. We don’t play Monopoly anymore, it just takes too long! Longer even than Trivial Pursuit! But that’s a topic for another day.

Too bad it didn’t go like this:

[via kottke]

I don’t know if it’s actually the theoretically shortest game of Monopoly, but they are so funny with their nerdy glee! I wonder what’s the shortest game of Monopoly wherein everyone plays the way people normally play (but without auctions). I mean, like buying properties when they have the chance and stuff.

* CT likes to complain that she’s run out of stuff to look at online. I like to tell her that it’s impossible to run out of internet and then send some random interesting link to something. :)

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  1. keeheehee, that’s awesome. i saw cranium for $10 today and almost bought it… but i’ll find a better deal some other time. :-D
    .-= special k´s last blog: feel the burrrrrn =-.

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