Fluffleupagus turned six months old on January 8th, and in anticipation, we scheduled her for a spay yesterday. The vet kept her overnight (I think it’s standard with Fluff and Hellspawn’s doctor), and we picked her up today. Hellspawn really missed her all night. He was all freaked out, wondering what we’d done to his girl Fluffa.

She has a crazy shaved area and wound on her underside and a little hairless patch on her arm from the iv.

So she’s stuck in her cage for a week or so, which is fine for now, but I know she’s gonna hate it once she starts to heal more. She’s used to having the run of the whole house, not some itty bitty cage. At least Hellspawn is in there with her.

Oh, and while she was at the vet’s office, they did another fecal float, and she has coccidia, so she’s going to have to take antibiotics. Last time they tested her, in November, she tested negative, but maybe it was a false negative. We’re going to have to start them both on medication in a few days after she heals a bit. Poor girl, one thing after another.

At least she’s eating!

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  1. awww poor fluffa! hopefully she’ll be all ready to play next week!!

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