As I Foretold, Selection Sunday Happened

And lo! It was today. Finally, the brackets are out, so it’s time to start sending me stuff! I know some of you are busy, but I don’t care; March Madness waits for no one.

I’ve sent out brackets to the ignoramuses that entered last year, but please, if you want to enter, send me a bracket. And also, I’m disorganized, so if you didn’t get one, please don’t take it personally, just email me (mim at this domain). Or leave me a comment and I’ll send you a fillable bracket. The Know-Nothing No Downside Not-Too-Much Upside March Madness Thingie welcomes everyone, except possibly if you actually watch every college basketball game you possibly can in which case, you might be *too* knowledgeable. So feel free to send it to your ignorant sports hating friends and significant others. :)

Rules and whatnot:
The scoring is: 1 pt for each first round game, 2 pts for each second round game, then 3, 4, 6, and finally 8 pts for the championship game. (Thanks to Todd cos the rules and the spreadsheet are his.)

Previous winners:
2010: K (Jewelry, earrings or a ring or something that I got at a local artisans/crafts fair)
2009: YB (Congratulatory text)
2008: ME! (Trip to Chicago, oh yes!)
2007: Yut (He got a kiss, hearty handshake, *and* “Congratulations” — that’s 3 prizes!)
2006: Yut (A kiss and a hearty handshake)
2005: misa (Two bunny candles from the local farmer’s market)

Yup, K won it all last year. She called it when she submitted her bracket and was unbeatable by the Final Four. Really people, shameful performance on the rest of our parts! And now that you are all suitably dispirited, let the trash talking begin. And please, don’t let K repeat.

Btw K, I gave your prize to CT to give you, you did get it right? :D

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  1. hmm lol I don’t remember. All I recall is basking in my glory and having all around me bitterly bow down, which was a prize in itself. I expect some feet kissing this year while you all are down there :-P thank you thank you.

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