Be Prepared: Selection Sunday is Tomorrow

Alrighty people, I know there are much much more important things going on, but tomorrow is Selection Sunday and the stupid NCAA decided to expand to 68 teams in the tournament when 65 (really 64) was perfect, so we’ll have less time to pick teams. Also, I won’t be around for part of it, so … I dunno, I thought about not doing it this year, but I am kind of curious how 68 will change things. And really, we don’t want K to have the reigning Know-Nothing March Madness Thingie previous winner crown for two years, do we? So watch for it, people!

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  1. OH PULEESE like anyone can come close to beating me!! 68 or 65, it doesn’t make a difference cuz I’m still gonna win.
    Thank you thank you. I’ll take my prize now please, a strawberry milkshakes from barneys and a week with the bunnies.

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