Round 1

To give their 68 team expansion legitimacy, the NCAA is calling the play-in games Round 1 and then calling this round Round 2. But it’s ridiculous, and anyway, for us, this is Round 1 of scoring, so I am calling it Round 1. Protesting 68 teams. I had a hard enough time picking already, please leave the tournament alone. Please and thank you!

I think I said this took an hour, but I was wrong: today it took four. But I have to admit, I started it while I was still “watching” the last few games and booking some travel and getting the laundry from the dryer and watching Glee and etc etc. So it wasn’t a solid four hours of efficiency or anything close.

Okay okay, enough chit chat, I know what y’all want to know!

Scores From The First Round That Was Important

CT, K, mim, Seth, YB: 13
YuHK, Yut: 12
misa: 11
Al, Polaris: 10

We’re a bit top heavy right now, aren’t we? Well tomorrow! More games, and I think I made some excellent calls! (I have to lament picking Michigan State to the Elite 8 though. Aiyaiyai.)


  1. i understand that my simulation isn’t holding up so well so far, but did you have to leave me out of the standings outright? i am being neglected left and right this year…

  2. I won my office brackets. It’s funny cuz I prolly know the least about sports in general. They think I’m a closet bookie.

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