The Brackets

Here they are! I have this scheduled to post at 9:15 or so this morning. So if you submitted one before that, I will try and get it up, but no guarantees.

Pittsburgh over Texas.

Btw, in case you thought I might’ve looked at other people’s before filling out mine, I didn’t! And you can tell ’cause I think K and I have the same Final Four! Noooooooooo. Gah.

Sigh. Well anyway, here are the rest, in order of receipt:

CT: Ohio St over Kansas

YuHK: San Diego St over Notre Dame

Al: Ohio St over Florida

Kaffryn: Purdue over North Carolina

Seth: Kansas over UConn

Polaris: Ohio St over Pittsburgh

misa: Kansas over Ohio St

Lew: Duke over Purdue
Lew reports that K didn’t send him a copy of the bracket until yesterday! To make sure he had no time to consider, I’m sure. Sheesh K, ESP-ing my Final Four and not giving Lew a chance to deeply consider his picks as this competition clearly deserves. Will you stop at nothing in order to repeat?! :)

Yut: Kansas over Ohio St
Actually come to think of it, I don’t think this is the first time there have been similarities between misa and Yut’s brackets either. I don’t know what’s going on!

Okay, that is all; please let me know if I’ve made any errors. Am soooo tired. Am completely stupid for staying up to do this. But I have a Responsibility! To the Know Nothing No Downside Not Too Much Upside Basketball Pool! (I’m not actually sure this is really a pool, come to think of it… more of a bracket contest. Thingie. Whatevs!) Also I almost forgot to do it until I was almost going to go to bed.

Edited to add one more!
YB: Ohio St vs Kansas
YB is back after taking a year off to bask in the glory!


  1. Ha! Like I need such cheap tricks to win!! I honestly got busy and forgot! Plus lew says he flipped a coin anyway so blah! Plus I didn’t have a computer to do it on! I did mine in like 5 minutes cuz I was on my bro’s computer! But its all good. I have the luck of the Irish on my side. Weather its 5 hrs or 5 mins, I’m still winning this thing!

  2. i feel like mine is so conventional, boo! Nice with the scheduling of the post! :) how long does it take for you to put this stuff together?

  3. Hmm.. The time it takes to play these games will give me just enough time to ponder my prize request.

  4. Very sneaky K, but do what you gotta do. I tried to delete evreyone’s submissions from mim’s email before she could see. Didn’t know her pw…FOILED!

  5. looks like i’m taking the under this year

  6. really louisville, REALLY?

  7. I know! Sheesh Rick Pitino.

    These posts take about an hour or so every night.

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