‘Twas a Mad March

So the tournament started, and everything seemed normal. Then we went traveling, and CRAZY THINGS HAPPENED! No, no, our travels were perfectly normal, I’m talking about the basketball. Holy wow, I came back and it was Butler vs VCU and I was like whaaaaa? I mean, VCU, who played in a play in game vs USC. (Seriously those play in games are so distasteful.) And no 1 seeds remained.

ANYWAY! First, the rest of the Round One games and scores:
At the End of Round 1

Standings after Round One:
YB: 27 (alone at the top!)
mim: 26 (seemingly in contention)
CT, Yut, Chalk: 25
Kay, misa: 24 (note the presence of all of the previous winners in the top four spots)
Al: 23
Pol, Seth: 22
YuHK: 21
Lew (aka Random Coin Toss): 20 (Sorry Lew I didn’t mean to forget you last post, I’ve corrected it and now you have a line to yourself!)

And now, one night before the Championship game tomorrow:
Right Before the Final

Seth: 71 (Catapulted to the TOP, all by himself, 10 points higher than the next closest person)
YB: 61 (The only other person to crack 60)
Chalk: 57
Al, Yut: 53
CT, mim: 51 (I can’t believe I am tied with CT. Which The Sims character did you create to punish this year?)
Kay: 46
YuHK: 45
Lew: 44
misa, Pol: 41

As you can tell from the points for each game, none of us but Seth even called UConn. And no one called Butler. Seth didn’t even pick UConn to win it all. So the results of tomorrow’s game are immaterial to us — no one can add any more points. Seth has won this year’s Know Nothing Bracket Thingie! His points steadily accumulated, while most of the rest of ours went down in flames. Congratulations, Seth! Pointless prize to come; sometime this year, hopefully! :)


  1. Crazy tourney this year. Great job on the win Seth!

  2. i thought last year was bad

    this year was ridiculous

  3. March Madness is so aptly named. I have no Sims charactor to abuse and I don’t need one since I won some cookies for winning my office brackets. Everyone at work is puzzled, seeing as how I can barely tell basketball from football from hockey. Next year though. There will always be next year.

  4. Very cool! Thanks for running the tournament!

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