I got a shellac manicure in late March, and I’ve been meaning to talk about my impressions, but well, never got around to it. It’s not like I’m some kind of beauty expert and y’all were waiting with bated breath, I imagine. :)

A shellac manicure is one of those ones that are super long lasting, and they use special polish and uv. The colors were more limited than regular nail polish where the problem is that there are too many colors, if anything.

So I guess the question is, did it last?


This is my hand one month after I got the manicure. In comparison, most manicures last me about three or four days — definitely less than a week. I obviously don’t get them very often, but something like that. This one lasted through vacation and then some. In fact, it would still probably look nice enough in that picture if it weren’t for the fact that my nails grew.

Supposedly, it’s easy enough to remove with a soak in an acetone based nail polish remover, as detailed by The Pioneer Woman. But I don’t own any acetone nail polish remover, and I just don’t see myself getting a lot of these types of manicures so I didn’t feel like buying any (and also, I kept forgetting when I was at the drugstore). I’ve just slowly been cutting my nails off and picking at the parts that felt like they were ready to come off anyway. Yeah, pretty lame, eh?

Overall, I think it was pretty worth it. I managed to ruin my regular pedicure but my fingernails looked great for as long as I needed them to, if you want to call this sort of thing a “need”. (I am trying to use this logical punctuation thing for quotes because it is much more logical, but honestly, it’s hard to break years of drilled in habit. Thanks, English teachers!) Having said that, it was definitely more expensive, and generally, while I like manis and pedis, I don’t need them to last forever and a day so I wouldn’t get them. For really special occasions and maybe like beach vacations (where I play in the sand and scratch the polish all up really extra fast), I think it’d be worth it. If I felt like caring about my nails. Which I may be too relaxed to do if I was at the beach.