Today, grilled corn made it back to the farmers’ market! Hallelujah, summer has finally arrived! I forgot to take a photo because I ate it too fast. Really, I could say I nommed it too fast, that’s how fast I ate it. Or shoompfed it.

Flacos, the vegan Mexican place, usually comes to the Berkeley Saturday Farmers’ Market, and they have grilled corn, Mexican style, when corn’s in season. Even though we’d eaten lunch already, we got two anyway. I wimped out and got just lime and salt on mine; Yut got the full chile powder (I think cayenne), salt, and lime treatment. Spicy! So we had to get a Thai Iced Tea because the burn starts slowly but then your lips and tongue and throat start going numb. Sooo full, but sooo good.

I’m afraid it’s going to be a short season. I know that there’s a crazy heat wave in much of the rest of the country, but here in the Bay Area, we’ve had an unseasonably cool summer (70°F high today) but with a lot of variability. I blame climate change. Anyway, it’s already late July and this was the first weekend I saw the corn!

Yes, corn does merit its own post, why do you ask? :)


  1. omg. corn totally merits its own post. it’s my favvvvorite fooood! I usually just grill mine up with salt pepper butter and cajun, but I’m likin how this lime sounds. mmm I’ll have my plane ticket for now, next year, ready asap, just for that corn… and to see adorable bunnies, and amazing weather… and amazing food… oh yeah and amazing peoples :-P

  2. Shoomphfed it! Haha! We had grilled corn this weekend too! Yums! But yeah, that lime flavor sounds delish! Your summer sounds so perfect! We can barely keep our house in the upper 70s with the A/C on! I miss the bunnies too.

  3. Haha, I like how amazing people is LAST!

    But that’s ok, cos you’re fellow corn lovers. I love love corn on the cob. :)

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