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As part of my whole blog-more-than-once-a-quarter or half year or whatever effort, I’ve been trying to write posts on Yut’s iPad. I installed the WordPress app a while back (also available on Android and Blackberry, but I have never tried them), but I think I only ever wrote a test post. So last week, I made a couple of posts using it. Typing on the iPad isn’t that bad actually. I mean, it’s not great, but it’s okay. The biggest problem is probably auto-correction. On one hand, I count on it, but on the other hand, it tries to correct Yut to Yup. Still, the experience wasn’t bad.

Alas, the WordPress app is … kind of inadequate. If all you’re trying to do is add a simple post with no photos, it’s not bad, but somehow, doing anything extra is harder. I hope that it’ll get better since it does get updates now and then. Anyway, I think some of the fault lies with flickr. I host photos on flickr because I like flickr and because I don’t want to deal with hosting photos, but the flickr app is no good either! And I’m not sure if I should hope that flickr is going to get much better unless Yahoo! decides to do more with it or sell it.

So… overall, I don’t think the experience is quite there yet. Not undoable, and I think I will sometimes do it. Using an iPad is just such a pleasure — don’t have to think about it much, it’s easy, and no waiting for the computer to turn on. But if it was my only choice, I don’t think I would like it much. I wrote this on my computer, but actually this post would probably have been relatively suitable for writing on the iPad. Except maybe I put in too many links for it to have been easy.

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  1. Agreed, using Ipad is easy even my 90 years old mom can use it too.

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