Happy New Year From the Rabbits

Resting Plotting, continued
Happy New Year from the bunnies!

They look like they have big plans, but I’m pretty sure they are just resting: Hellspawn has his head resting on Fluff’s shoulder. But look at him! Doesn’t he seem a bit more chubby than he did previously? :)

It could also be the Endless Molt of 2011. I don’t know what’s going on, but both rabbits have been molting on and off for like … the whole year!!! I thought it was the weird weather this summer (cool then warmer then cooler then warmer then…) but it never stopped. Anyway they always seem to have a halo of hair around them.


  1. Hellspawn needs a diet.

  2. Hellspawn looks like he’s giving Fluff a wet willy.

  3. aw they’re perfect!

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