Kingdom Rush

We bought Kingdom Rush for the iPad and this weekend we have been totally addicted! It’s a tower defense game, which we like, and it’s on sale, so we figured why not. Compared to The Creeps!, which I have previously recommended, I think Kingdom Rush is more polished, and there’s kind of a story. Yut thought maybe deeper too. But it’s shorter, only thirteen levels, The Creeps! had lots of levels for the free version with lots of in-game purchase levels; I haven’t totally finished all of the included levels yet. We’ve played through all thirteen levels in Kingdom Rush at least once on Easy, but haven’t gone back to look at the other modes for each level. This game also has a building with units to guard and stop the creep which was somewhat reminiscent of Ninja Town which was one of my favorite Nintendo DS games (seriously you should pick that up if you have a DS whatever), so I was extra predisposed to like it, I think. Anyway, I liked it! If you like tower defense games and want to play one, I am recommending this. (And also The Creeps!) [via Tools & Toys]

By the way, I wrote this post on an iPad, using the WordPress app. I think if I was on a computer, I probably would’ve linked to the Kingdom Rush and The Creeps! websites. And the specific post wherein I wrote about the Creeps, but it just felt like kind of a pain. The plan is, I’ll edit and add those in later. :) I mention this ’cause it kind of clarifies how I feel like the process is convenient enough to mean the difference between blogging and not blogging, but isn’t really great yet.

Edited: I added in some links! Also, you can try Kingdom Rush, there’s a free Flash-based version. I still think it’s worth getting. Playing TDs (tower defense games) on the iPad is a nice experience — the touchscreen is a good interface, and it’s nice to play wherever.