Last month I splurged and got myself a new hair dryer. There wasn’t anything wrong with my old one, exactly, but it’s over ten years old — Yut noticed rust on it once I started talking about how old it is. And also, I got bangs this winter, and now I have to at least blow dry my bangs because otherwise they tend to flip up. I guess I was thinking maybe a new blowdryer with all that ceramic tourmaline ionic blahblahblah technology would be helpful. And also, Folica had a $40 off coupon (which is still on I think). And also, my mother got a T3 Featherweight a while back and when I tried it, it was the lightest and fastest drying thing I had ever used even though before she got it she debated for a bit about the price. Anyway, so after much thinking, I bought a Sedu Revolution 4000i, in pink. As Leaf says, pink makes everything nicer. And obviously, I am still justifying the buying of a new hair dryer.

Besides it being available in pink, I picked the Sedu because it was listed first on Folica’s Top Ten Professional Hair Dryers list, and got overall good reviews, and Sarah at Hair Thursday likes it. She’s the one who ages ago recommended Fekkai Glossing Cream which I tried and never stopped using. I didn’t do much more thinking about it than that, because I am so not an expert on beauty products. All the other thinking was should I or shouldn’t I. But anyway!

Ater using it once I thought it definitely dried faster but it wasn’t any easier to wield, and I thought it dried nicer… like my hair felt softer and smoother. But it’s hard to tell if that’s just more of my brain justifying my purchase, so I thought I had better compare the stuff that’s more objective. You’re thinking, what are you talking about? Well I timed myself blow drying my hair. Yes, I did! This would be more helpful if I had my mom’s blow dryer to compare as well, but whatev, do what we can, right? In both cases, I towel dried my hair, then applied KMS Flat Out Hot Pressed Spray (heat protectant). My hair dresser told me to buy it, I don’t think she cares which brand just said to use something, here, buy this, sort of thing. Then I blew dry my hair in the normal random way I do it.


Time: The Sedu took a bit over 6 minutes, but it was my second time using it and I spent some time fussing with the controls. The old Conair took a bit over 8.5 minutes, but afterward it felt like I might’ve semi missed a spot, nothing that required more drying though ’cause I didn’t notice ’til I was applying the Glossing Cream. On both I was fumbling around with my phone to time it so both times may be longer than it actually took.

Weight: The old Conair is lighter! I had Yut hold them without looking at them and he agreed.

Noise: Both somewhat noisy, the Conair is more annoying because in addition to the sound of wind, there was a high pitched whine.

Size: Sedu is smaller, but has a cord that’s close to ten feet long (I measured 117 inches, but I wasn’t pulling taut and I figure it makes more sense for it to be ten feet than almost ten). The Conair cord was more like eight feet.

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Other random facts: The Sedu is made in France, the Conair in China, if that matters to you. The Sedu also has a matching pink flat iron if you think you might be needing or wanting a flat iron. The Conair has lasted ten years and probably cost a lot less! The Sedu comes with a two year warranty. Both have cleanable lint catchers in the back. The Sedu came with two concentrators (or I think that’s what the little flat pointy plastic attachments in the front are called). One of them seems wider than the other but I honestly don’t know how to use them very well and don’t know the different utility of each.

I can’t say that I am unequivocally saying that the Sedu is the best thing ever, but I still think it’s pretty good. But my old Conair was not bad! Still if 25% less time drying causes a bit less damage to my hair, and if the ions and ceramic and tourmaline or whatever are better for my hair, then I am satisfied. Anyway, I’m not returning it. :)