3:43p I just thought of this so we missed some. There were vampires in a car ad (Volkswagon?) Something about their headlights being like the sun? Maybe they’re full spectrum? I guess we could all kill vampires with the right kind of lamps? Also, aren’t we past vampires yet? It’s been done to death. Anyway just ok and confusing. And then kind of a fairy tale styled Pepsi ad with Elton John and Flava Flav — fairy tales are having a cultural moment now it seems. Also just ok, but less confusing. Another car ad erm… Audi vs cheetah? Except a cheetah’s top speed is like 75mph, so I’m not getting it; they thought we needed to know Audis can go faster than 75?

3:50 Giants touchdown, Victor Cruz salsa’d. I’m eating TJ’s Chunky Salsa, quite good.

3:51 Bud Light party, dunno. M&M’s commercial for the tan ones. v. Cute, made me laugh! Best so far. Celebrity Apprentice, dunno.

Short football break then coke! A polar bear has his paws stuck together? Drinks coke through straw… Cute-ish but not making sense. GM truck, disses Ford, by name! Is that like 1/2 point for Ford? Also, is a crossover ad for Twinkies (at the end of the world, only GM trucks and Twinkies I guess).

3:58 More football.

3:59 END OF 1st quarter? Already? Barely any football. Giants 9, Pats 0.
Bridgestone something about performance. Godaddy, annoying. Lexus, shiny. Battleship the movie, lots of robots, thought it was Transformers again.

4:04 Pats score, now more ads.
End of Prohibition, it’s the Clydesdales! Cute! I like it! Doritos, clever dog bribing human! Cute, I like it! Chevy Camaro, not a graduation present, but fun.

4:07 Another few seconds of football reminding us of the score. GE and Bud now having a crossover ad. GE makes the turbines that makes the beer… well ok. John Carter movie. TaxAct, kid has to pee, bathroom full, jumps in the pool ah relief, not bad. Reminder that Madonna is in the halftime show, ok we know.

4:10 hey look, we’re watching football! Travis Beckham hurt? Ad time.
The Lorax! But wait, we don’t need jaw dropping blah blah… The Lorax awesome just the way it is. Cute Beetle ad with a fat dog exercising to get slim, all new Beetle. Something with Star Wars I dunno. Howard Stern joining America’s Got Talent, shrug.

4:15 I don’t get football, they play a teeny bit then show 5 replays of what they just did then there’s a penalty, then much standing around and then a bit more football then standing around, repeat, then ads! And that’s a long segment of football.

4:18 Ads! David Beckham in his own underwear for H&M, nice, I guess. Polar bears for Coke, sliding on the ice trying to save bottle of Coke, cute! Better than Beckham!

4:22 Jason Pierre-Paul’s dad is Jean… That’s a lot of apostles in 1 name.

4:23 Travis Beckham from before torn ACL.

4:29 We Are Young, like the song, Chevy Sonic intro. Star Wars like you’ve never seen it before… In 3D, but we all know every time he gets, George Lucas makes sure it’s Star Wars like you never seen it before. Madonna! In the halftime show!

4:34 Avengers movie. Chick getting ready to go out, Valentines quid pro quo Teleflora. Blech. Dog wearing shoes, I didn’t even catch that it was Skechers. Cars.com, weird.

4:38 Penalty then penalty. Hernandez! He was on my fantasy team (Thanks Al)!

4:41 Annoying kid taunting about having Doritos, clever grandmother wins by slingshot baby. ETrade creepy baby. Summer GI Joe movie…seems whatever, but wait, it’s The Rock!!!

4:46 Pats touchdown now tied. Kick good now NE 10 NY 9. Now Bridgestone Halftime Show feat. Madonna.

4:50 Something about live like a millionaire. Citibank something about eggs and omelets… Didn’t they get bailed out? How do they spend 3.5 mil in 30s? Xfinity fastest house something, Round Table Pizza. More Citibank. Blech.

4:53 I always think Bob Costas looks like a camel. Cute sorta. More analysis. Gob for Hulu Plus.

5:00 The halftime show. Madonna does walk like an Egyptian Vogue. Guessing she’s not singing. Looks nice though. Segued into Music… I think? LMFAO mashup with a bouncing tightrope dude! I thought she said I’m 60 and I know it but Yut says it was sexy. Oops. Now Gimme all your luvin’. Oh a drumline, always fun. Ceelo? Nice effects. OMG Like a Prayer! Maybe she is singing? Love this song. Choir too. “world peace” heavy handed but overall not gonna be cynical that was great. :)

5:14 The voice after the SB. James Gale (random kid) delivered the game ball to a ref.

5:16 More football talk with Tony Dungy and 2 other dudes.

5:19 Chrysler: America is tough feat. Clint Eastwood, good choice.

5:23 Back to football, mostly.

5:28 Td patriots
Smash, you had me at Angelica Huston… Seems like a Glee type show? Local affiliate ad. Xfinity add again with the racing houses. Chase quick pay, hey didn’t these people get a bailout?

5:31 Football, nice run.

5:37 Gasping from the violence. Geez.
NYG 12 NE 17

5:38 Fiat 500 abarth=sexy confusing woman. Someone wins free Pepsi Max for life, Regis jumps in to announce.

5:41 Football.
My bad 1 kick later, back to ads. Toyota something or other. Polar bear is sad then he yells, they hear it all the way in the south pole (hence penguins) gets coke. Eh. Dannon Greek yogurt. John Stamos(?) gets headbutted for yogurt. Injury timeout. Jerry Seinfeld wants an NSX gets beat by Jay Leno. Not bad! GE hires Americans!

5:46 Football, JPP, bad hit, dude kid is only 23, ouch poor kid. Football is nuts.

5:48 Back to ads. Budweiser through the decades, and all the trends therein. I like this one! Bridgestone performance this time with Tim Duncan (previous was Aikman and Sanders I think).

5:50 football! Petting Hellspawn!

5:59 football through the ages? Yeah NFL ad. eBay, kind of mean spirited? Not really but anyway whatever. Toyota. Jack in the Box marrybacon.com ha!

6:02 football OMG interception! Dude who was a teacher last fall intercepts Brady to Gronkowski throw.

6:05 Ferris Bueller grows old, takes day off, drives CR-V. Navy SEALs make a movie. Classic cartoon characters! MetLife. Smash.

6:08 football. Injury! Geez, this game!

6:11 Genesis car. Bud light rescue dog gets beer for everyone. Pretty good.

6:13 football.

6:19 Mr. Sandman wait cars and skimpily clad women and classic rock and bucking rhino Kia Optima. Career builder chimp. NBC comedies. Football

6:24 more injuries!!!
Standing in line is boring. Samsung is trying to bring back styluses to touchscreens? Another The Voice ad.

6:24 football. Dude, is that a cheat sheet on Brady’s wrist? Nice catch by Manningham(?). It’s feeling like it’s getting more exciting. 2 minutes left. NE 17 NYG 15, Giants ball.

6:38 Cadillac ATS built to beat BMW 3 series? Swamp people on History channel. Godaddy again. Awake new show with B.D. Wong and Cherry something … President Taylor from 24.

6:42 football. 6:43 Giants td! But supposedly it’s not even what they should’ve done! The guy was trying to stop himself but fell in to the endzone by momentum. The Patriots just let it happen, maybe. I do not understand this game. I mean they are explaining it and ok it is sort of making sense but still what the heck?! NYG 21 NE 17. At least it’s not boring?

Giants win Super Bowl XLVI!

6:55 game’s over, this is the most attention I’ve paid to a Super Bowl in 20 years! Maybe ever?