Ticket to Ride Pocket

Ticket to Ride Pocket is free right now! It’s a relatively light fun board game made into an app for the iPhone although Yut got it for the IPad and it works fine. Anyway it’s super fun! And includes multiplayer! So even if it’s not free I’d recommend it but it’s a no brainer at free. Go get it!

Ticket to Ride Pocket

We started playing right after dinner; so far I’ve lost twice and won once. Boo! Wait that sounds lame… right after dinner, each of us on our iOS device to play games “together”. Well I still had fun.

TTR Pocket

Sunday 12 February, edited to add:It’s 99 cents now (still on sale but no longer free), still totally worth it. Good implementation and love the multiplayer.


  1. What??? Dangit….Android fail. :-(

    • Tell Lew to get it for his iPod Touch! :)

      Also, I think the iPhone is the best phone right now, so I would generally recommend an iPhone. If Google takes over the world it won’t be for another 2 years+ so you can get a different phone then.

  2. Google will take over the world

    Otherwise I would get an Iphone

  3. Its not the euro version???

    for our side, current meta = hoard

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