The number of people willing to self identify as Know Nothing or willing to play for Not Much Upside was lower than usual this year. I’m assuming that the No Downside part wasn’t too much of an impediment. Nevertheless, we have a game! And all of the previous winners are back!

Sorry I’m so slow — crazy busy. But here are all the brackets! And I’ll restate everyone’s picks, too, since we got two more that I didn’t have time to deal with this morning. CT (“Kentucky Fried Chicken FTW!”) sent hers in while I was sleeping, and Lew sent his in late because of an exam. Must be an extra mean professor. I mean, scheduling an exam for the first day of the tournament?! Sheesh! Now normally, I would penalize him by discounting points from all of the games and teams that had already begun when he turned it in, but I actually have no idea which ones had started so unless it’s super close I think I’ll just calculate it like normal. If it’s super close at the end, I’ll go back and figure it out to the best of my ability and subtract the points. But if Virginia wins, he wins it, and I’m not gonna bother ’cause he wins!

YB: Kentucky – Kansas (165)

Seth: Kentucky – Kansas (130)

Kay: Florida St – Kentucky (122)

misa: Kansas – Kentucky (135)

Yut: Michigan St – Ohio St (130)

CT: Kentucky – UNC (117)

Lew: Virginia – Kansas (123)

mim: Ohio St – Kentucky (130)