Ides of March … Madness

I will be posting up the brackets, but filling mine out took me a long time, so now I am way past sleepy (it’s like 1 am!), so I am just going to post up the quick and dirty stats so you know what everyone picked. I’ll add on more if anyone else submits, and publish at around 9:30am Pacific.

YB: Kentucky over Kansas (“Ok! Ok! Here ’tis. :)” After my mild strong arming.)
Seth: Kentucky over Kansas (The defending champ… likes every St. school not in the South Region)
Special K: Florida St over Kentucky (“kickin butt this year. ohhhh yessss!!!”)
Yut: Michigan St over Ohio St (“Winner winner chicken dinner!”)
misa: Kansas over Kentucky (“A little on the late side but it’s on time! :D”)
mim: Ohio St. vs Kentucky (extreme indecision this year, more so than usual! But that just means I thought extra hard, so I’m gonna win.)

I had to resort to threatening bunnies to get some of these. <shake head> What is the world coming to?!


  1. I submitted! Kentucky Fried Chicken FTW!!!

  2. I can’t believe it’s bracket time already. Must win this year, the drought has to end.

  3. Baaahaaa!! The drought is not going to end by picking Michigan State.

  4. As long as the bunnies are safe! :D

  5. Bunnies are safe! :)

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