Madness, Indeed

Wow what a day! If yesterday was almost completely chalk, today … well today for the first time ever (right?), two 15 seeds beat two 2 seeds! There have been 15 beating 2 before, but never two in the same tournament. And one of them was Duke! I don’t even care if it screws up my whole bracket! Upsets are more exciting anyway, and no more Duke! Actually, I don’t know why I dislike Duke… seems like an ACC fan sort of thing to do. Although I suppose if Duke won, at least there’s the fact that they are ACC. It’s just that I’m so sick of it always being about UNC and Duke. Hopefully, K is right and Florida State goes all the way or something. Even if that means K wins again, and I die from shock. :D

The only thing left that would make me super happy is if Kentucky lost. I don’t like that Calipari guy who’s their coach, I don’t think.

Okay, okay, enough basketball talk (such as it is). Standings!


Lew: 24
Kay, YB, Yut: 22
CT: 20
mim, Seth: 19
misa: 16

Okay, for some reason this year, two of you (2!) didn’t take my free advice about 16 vs 1 seeds! Yes it’s true, CT picked UNC Asheville over Syracuse (which was a close game) and misa picked Vermont over UNC. Craziness!

Also crazy, all of us loved Florida State and Kay and Lew picked South Florida (only I doubt they knew they were picking South Florida, since South Florida had that play-in game vs Cal).

Even crazier (or at this point craziest? Have I gotten to craziest yet?) Lew, who picked Virginia all the way, and I believe took my advice about 16 vs 1 games, but otherwise threw a coin for all of the rest is leading. Yes he’s ahead of you. All of yous! Random coin FTW!

Is it just me or does he manage to lead for at least a day every year? Still though, I don’t think this is going to be his winning year since Florida (a state that has at least three teams still in it) beat UVa. I’m sorry, Lew!

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  1. Yeah Lew enjoy this very brief moment while it lasts! HAhaha!

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