Scores After the First Weekend

Round 2

On Saturday, YB picked every. single. game. correctly — that’s sixteen points! Needless to say, she took over the lead. On the other hand, Lew’s coin totally failed him, and he only got two. He still had a the best day of any of us on Sunday, but it wasn’t enough to beat the YB juggernaut. She has 8 points more than the next possible person; she’s basically reached new heights of basketball awesomeness. I am totally shocked!!! (I know, and I was being so nice, too.) :)

It seems like what’s going on is that on half the round, it’s almost completely following the seeding, but on the other half, things have gone crazy. Not that I mind — I love upsets, even if they are totally messing up my bracket.

Standings after the first two rounds:
YB: 46
Kay, Yut: 38
Lew: 36
CT: 34
mim: 33
Seth: 29
misa: 26


  1. Hehe, y’know, I didn’t even watch the games on Saturday — and when I did, I didn’t even remember who I picked. Ah, don’t worry — I’ll go down in flames. And Steve hates Kentucky’s coach, too. I just closed my eyes and randomly picked. :D


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