Second Weekend at an End

Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games were played this weekend. In the Sweet Sixteen, there were two regions that ended up with the 1 and 2 seeds, one with the 1 and 3 seeds, but luckily in the West Region, Louisville (4) beat Michigan St (1) and Florida (7) beat Marquette (3) to make things more exciting. Of course, Yut doesn’t think it was too “lucky”, since he picked Michigan St all the way.


Standings after the Sweet Sixteen:
YB: 61
Kay: 53
Yut: 50
mim: 48
CT: 46
Lew: 42
Seth: 38
misa: 35

Hey look, no one’s tied with anyone else anymore!

Okay, now on to the Elite Eight games. Somehow, even though we picked different teams to win, all of us picked two games correctly no matter what, although no one picked Louisville. Amazingly, Lew’s random coin + UVa bias is still working out ok for him since Virginia was in the West region with Louisville, and no one picked Louisville anyway.


YB: 69
Kay: 61
Yut: 58
mim: 56
CT: 54
Lew: 50
Seth: 46
misa: 43

So how is it that YB and Kay are the only two with scores in the 60s?! And why didn’t I pick Kansas to the Final Four?! Darn UNC.


  1. If I win, which bunny of yours do I get? Harrison needs a furry friend smaller than he is… :D

  2. Outta the way yb, those bunnies are mine! Hehehehe

  3. wait a second, i would have tried harder if i’d known the prize is a bunneh!

  4. Thou shalt not covet my bunnies!
    Sheesh, this is a not much upside contest, not an amazing bunny contest.

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