The Selection Has Happened

Today was the day! Yup it was Selection Sunday! I know most of us are thinking, “Oh wow it’s that time of the year again!” or something like that, which is why we’re perfect for the Know-Nothing-No-Downside-Not-Much-Upside Pool or Contest or Whatever. Ignoramuses with infallible systems involving much guesswork only may apply! I’ll email the brackets when I have it, due by early Thursday morning, like 9am Pacific.

Previous Winners (this yearly congratulatory listing is part of the upside, such as it is)
2011: Seth
2010: K
2009: YB
2008: me!
2007: Yut
2006: Yut
2005: misa

Congratulations to all previous winners! Good luck to everyone, especially me!


  1. I feel far too in touch with college basketball to make a serious run at the championship this year… It only tends to happen when I pay no attention.

  2. Yes it’s true, ignorance is bliss as far as March Madness is concerned.

    But you have to enter, you’re the defending champion! I just made that up, it’s a new rule. :)

  3. Defending champ must defend his/her crown. I like that rule.

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