March Madness — Done for weeks!

Sorry everyone, I don’t know why but I just never got around to posting this, even though I watched the championship game more or less.

So, let’s do the Final Four:
Final Four

YB: 81
Kay: 67
mim: 62
CT: 60
Seth, Yut: 58
Lew: 56
misa: 55

So wow, YB was like a million points ahead already, and I don’t think I’m giving anything away when I say that it won’t change. (Congrats!) But, just to be all official, here’s the rest of the scores.

Final Scores after the championship

Final Standings:
YB: 89
CT (!!!): 68
Kay: 67
Seth: 66
me: 62
Yut: 58
Lew: 56
misa: 55

There was actually some movement in the rest of the standings, but YB won it all! This is her second win. I’ll think of something but so far there’s been nothing in terms of prizes. I figure I have ’til May when I am actually going to see YB to worry about it. (Master Procrastinator)

Somehow, CT ended up being 2nd. I don’t even know how this happened. I almost feel like maybe I need to go double check all of her scores. :) Then Kay. Sheesh! Meanwhile, on the bottom, misa didn’t even manage to beat Lew, whose championship team was out by the first weekend! Sorry Lew, I should’ve given you more credit. Turns out the rest of your bracket must’ve been ok!

So again, congratulations YB! Enjoy your Winner’s title ’til next year. :)


  1. Yeah, til next year Momma! :) I can’t believe I came in second though!! I mean, WHAT?!! I came in Second?!!

  2. Congrats Yan, you rocked it.

  3. cool beans! thanks for the congrats!

    i pick HS… no, wait, snuffle… no wait…

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