Tissue: TJ vs Marcal

I’ve stayed home this week because of a cold. I dunno, it started out no big deal, but kept getting worse until I basically was staying up all night coughing and when that happens it’s time to stay home.

Anyway, I was blowing my nose a lot and I was using Marcal tissue, and I just want you guys to know, it sucked. My nose really hurt! In case it matters, the box was from last year, so maybe they’ve changed it, but it looks like the current box to me. For light general use, it was fine. But for sick-with-runny-nose use, it wasn’t soft enough. I bought a box of Trader Joe’s tissue and it was much better. Both are 100% recycled paper; Trader Joe’s tissues have 80% post-consumer content, but I don’t know about the Marcal.


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  1. eeek. hope u feel better soon. :(

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