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Remember when I posted that I’d gotten a new computer, and Pol made fun of me for running on onboard graphics? Well this past weekend, Blizzard did a free Diablo III beta. And I tried it. And my computer struggled, darn it. So I got a video card, are you happy now?! :) Too bad the free Diablo III weekend is over.

I got a Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850.

Here’s the box with the bunnies, because every picture is better with bunnies in it. They’re ignoring it because they’re eating, and they believe in taking care of their bellies first.

Bunnies with Video Card


  1. I agree, every picture is better with bunnies in it. Also, I don’t care about your stupid video card.

  2. i’m surprised you bought an older gen gpu with amd bringing out their 7 series this year and nvidia releasing keplar over the next months.

    the prices are about similar but the new-gen cards run on much less power and generate less heat.

    but nonetheless, about time haha. it pained me to see a 2500k being run without a gpu

  3. Oh, I bought this video card because I thought it was as good as I could get for the price I wanted to pay. What else is better for about the same price?

  4. the 7770 should be the equivalent to the 6850

    the next step up would be the 7850 or 7870, but those are pricier.

    if you can wait, nvidia will be releasing their lower end keplars soon which should start the price wars

  5. actually, the 6850 is a bit faster and better, but at the tradeoff of a lot more power and heat, so either would be fine

  6. No, I can’t wait! I clearly need this video card by May 15th. :)

  7. *insert alien gibberish here*

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