You know, all those stories about how everyone is sick, flu season is hitting early, lots of colds and whatnot going around, etcetc? Well I am siiiiiiick! Well it really started last Friday for me. Just a tickle and a little cough that got worse all day. By Saturday I had a fever and was horizontal all damn day. I tried to get up at night to brush my teeth and before my two minutes were up, I thought I would throw up so I hurriedly spit and rinsed and ran back to bed. I was better by Sunday, but still pretty horizontal. So this week I’ve been staying home from work. It’s just like a kid again! :) Watching cartoons with a tissue box next to me.

I am just so tired out lately. And coughy and snotty — blech, so disgusting. Yut is catching the cough, but so far no fever. Fingers crossed!


  1. Next time when you feel a tickle, take a generic Airborne. CVS calls their AirShield.

  2. my boss swears by echinacea…never tried it before though. i do like me some generic airborne :-)

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