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As you probably know by now (am whiner), I have been sick, and carrying around a box of tissue. So I thought I’d update my tissue recommendation!

It’s still Trader Joe’s. (Anticlimactic, no?) There aren’t that many brands of recycled paper tissue available — NRDC has a listing (click on Facial Tissue), although I think it’s somewhat out of date since it says that Trader Joe’s is 10-25% post consumer content whereas the current box I am using says it is 80%. But you’ll notice most of them are Marcal, and dude, TJ’s is better than Marcal — I have reconfirmed this, and have a red nose to show for it. If I remember correctly, it’s better than Seventh Generation too — been a while though. Also, I like the box.

So for now, if you don’t want to contribute to two trees per year’s worth of tissue (average American usage?), plus you want to use recycled paper products (’cause what’s the point of recycling paper if no one wants the resultant products?) then I am recommending Trader Joe’s. But let me know if you find something better, because it’s not super soft with aloe or whatever. I should look into handkerchiefs — one of these days.


  1. im sure the lorax would shoot me if he saw my trash basket of tissues… i need my puffs with lotion. I just can’t go without. X.X

  2. As someone who goes through tons of boxes of tissues regularly, I’ve had to strike a happy-enough medium between my nose and my conscience. I use mostly Green Forest tissues (90% post consumer content, softer than Trader Joe’s, but must be ordered from Amazon, which I do in bulk – 24 boxes per pack) and intermix it with Kleenex and for the occasional luxury snot-blowing, I splurge on a box of Puffs or two. Some days are better than others. On the good days I can use Green Forest. When I’m at a persistent run (not drip or leak, but nasty run) I have to treat my Rudolph nose to something better.

  3. I like your logic leaf… I don’t ALWAYS need my puffs with lotion, just only when i’m having a nasty cold. hrm. Hopping on Amazon now.

  4. I’ll definitely have to try Green Forest. They have them at Berkeley Bowl, but maybe Amazon more convenient…

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