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We got ourselves a Costco membership today! But we were really silly and we didn’t know that Costco closes at 6pm, and we showed up at like 5:55. OOOOPS! So we didn’t even get to shop, just got our cards. Also, I showed up without combing my hair, with my glasses on, no makeup, and in sweats because I didn’t realize they were going to take my photo. Although I’ve seen other people’s Costco cards before, so I don’t know why I didn’t realize!!! Well whatevs! We’re now Costco members for the first time ever.


  1. Awww shucks, I shouldn’t say this now that you’ve gotten it already.
    BUT (good to know for the future) you should’ve just gotten the membership later when you could actually shop because then the clock on the year starts later. Remember this for when you need to renew. Next year, don’t renew when they mail you the renewal form. Renewal can be done at the checkout line when you shop on February 3rd or even after. You know what I mean? You don’t have to renew before that membership expiration date.

    Glad you joined though. I feel like even for two people, it’s worth it. I like their produce surprisingly. They have these gimongo bags of garlic (from CA, not China!) that I love. Easy to peel, fresh, not much blemish. Their avocados are good too, not large but their seeds are small. The huge bags of prewashed baby spinach are great for stir frys or soups. It’s good quality stuff.

  2. Lew and I did the same a few weeks ago. It got too difficult to try and organize my schedule with my parents around Costco’s hours. Lew’s milkin it for the Costco pizza, and I love an excuse to buy in bulk.

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