Today we had oatmeal, duck crépinettes (like sausages), and broccolette (I’ve also seen them called sprouting broccoli) for dinner. It was like brunch! The organic broccolette was from Costco! All we did was bake them with olive oil, salt, and a teeny bit of sugar, then broil them for the last few minutes. The crépinettes we just cooked by themselves in a pan over the stove. Both of those were fast and easy. You know what turned out to be the most complicated? The oatmeal! We bought steel cut oats last time just to try them. I usually just buy old-fashioned and cook them in the microwave for like 2 minutes, but you can’t cook steel cut oats in the microwave! So I had to cook them over the stove top for like 30 minutes. Then I added lots of honey and cinnamon for Yut. For me, I added a little honey and cinnamon, and a spoonful of vanilla ice cream — keekeekee, I’m not good at eating healthy. :)


  1. Yum! This is a great idea of a post. Rather than sharing a recipe for 1 dish, it’s like the whole meal idea. Meal planning can be tough. It sounds tasty too, gourmet fancy! Though I would prefer savory oatmeal over sweet with those dinner items. :P

    • Yeah, I know, but I really like sweet oatmeal the best. It’s like crêpes — lots of people like the sweet versions, but I really like the savory ones the best, so I always get savory. :)

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