We went back to Costco! And we signed up for Executive Membership. Basically, you pay $55 extra (so $110 for the membership instead of $55) but at the end of the year, you get 2% back on all your purchases. Which is not a good deal unless you spend at least $2750 (which would mean exactly $55 back) at Costco. BUT it’s satisfaction guaranteed, so at the end of the year, if you haven’t made $55 back, you can get the difference back from customer service, so we figured we’d try it and see how much we spend. Worst case scenario, we’ll just get regular membership next year. Sadly, they retook my photo and it’s just as bad, maybe worse. Before, I had an excuse since I was totally frumpy, but there’s no real excuse this time, alas.

So we went and bought all kinds of junx. But the thing we were most excited about wasn’t there! We wanted to buy toilet paper! A warehouse sized amount of 100% recycled paper content toilet paper! And maybe paper napkins and tissue. But I couldn’t find any of it. The Charmin was on sale, but I just can’t support that, so we left without toilet paper. We did buy jelly beans and vinegar and all sorts of other things, but not any paper products. In case you’re interested, jelly beans are on sale, through February 24th! :)


  1. Yeah! We think Executive is the best one too. I like to get their baking soda and vinegar. Excellent for dishes and other cleaning needs. I dunno about the jelly beans though. Really!?! Ick.

    They have good socks and towels for dishrags and kitchen use. I notice when I have an ample supply of kitchen towels/rags I use much fewer paper towels. In fact we mainly use paper towels to clean up cat puke/furballs and when guests come over.

  2. Yeah, Lew and I grabbed the big bag of peanut m&m’s and I’m pretty sure they’re gone now. I saw the jelly beans and decided we had too many sweets in our cart already :-P Plus, I don’t like to but them in bulk since I’m picky about the flavors I’ll eat… it’d be different if they were sour too.

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