Boy, people have opinions on their avatars! Okay really two people, but whatevs! On this blog, that’s a lot.

WordPress automatically shows a Gravatar, based on your email. If you don’t have a Gravatar, then it’ll use what the administrator of your blog chose. I think blank is an option, but I didn’t pick those. I picked to randomly generate an avatar! So I don’t control it people! I didn’t choose to give you a unibrow or make you sickly green or whatever (you know who I mean). But since there were complaints, I’ve switched to using Monster IDs instead of Wavatars. (More information available on the Gravatar blog.)

To pick what kind of default avatar you want to show on your WordPress blog, log in as an Administrator. Then go to Settings -> Discussion. In the Discussion page, scroll down. Go ahead, scroll a little more. Find the Avatars section, then choose your Default Avatar. (You can also choose to not have an avatar, of course.) And that’s it. So I was using Wavatars, but now I’ve switched to MonsterID. The avatars that are generated are based on your email so if you don’t like it, use a different email. Or I can switch back to Wavatars, I suppose. :)


  1. OOh fun! Lemme see what this gives me now. I better look good.

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