Her Eyes

Fluffleupagus hurt her eye again last week.
You can tell when a rabbit’s eye is hurt because she starts to squint.

Yut got home a little early on Friday and noticed her bad squint and eye discharge so he took her on an emergency visit to the ophthalmologist and she is back on five drugs (antibiotic and something to keep her eye from turning to jelly), from her normal two (for glaucoma).

Alas, we think the veterinary ophthalmologist thinks we are high strung bunny parents who have money and nothing better to do than to bring our bunny in for emergency appointments (double the cost!), but in truth we just have a silly rabbit who’s going blind!

Grr… That rabbit, sheesh. On one hand, gah, Fluff how can you be so silly?! We don’t like giving drops and ointments any more than you like being given them. Nor do we want to take you to see the opthalmologist any more than you want a car ride! On the other hand, our poor sweet baby. *sigh*


  1. Gah, you guys are one of THOSE pet parents. There are 100 needy bunnies and you go and pour all your resources into one of the genetically weaker ones. Darwin her man. I’m trying not to eat meat anymore but I’ll put her on a spit for you when I see her.

    Which reminds me, I have a post for how ridiculously Whitlow has us trained. Dammit we’re suckers for stupid furry animals the lot of us.

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