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When we visited my sister in December, she and her husband served us eggs with fresh avocado and salsa for breakfast after we arrived. It was yum — not like anything particularly special, but yum! Or so I thought at the time, but go fig, now it’s something we eat quite often. I don’t know, we are on a weird breakfast kick maybe, but we’ve eaten it for brunch, lunch, dinner, you name it. :)

Eggs, Avocado, Salsa

It’s super easy. First you cook an egg or two or three, any way you like it. My sister did over easy. I like mine crispy but with a soft yolk center — just the center part can be soft and runny! There has to be a ring of cooked yolk around the runny part. I don’t like raw whites. I love eggs, but I’m weird about them. I mean, I’ll probably eat them other ways, but this is my favorite. Luckily, Yut has gotten used to cooking eggs like this because the other problem is that I never cook eggs right. Yeah, it’s true, I do not like the way I cook eggs. Also, I always have to crack them into a bowl because too many times I have cracked shell into eggs, then fished it out, I thought, but then bitten into my eggs and ate shell. Yuck. Hrmm, the verbs in that sentence look wrong to me. ANYWAY. I scoop out the avocado randomly ’cause no one’s looking anyway, or not for long. Then I spoon out some salsa. In this case, it’s Trader Joe’s Chunky Salsa, which is rather good. It’s my fave jarred salsa that I can think of right now. And voila, that’s it! You could also cook a little bit of oatmeal I suppose (just to tie in with the previous post). :)


  1. Yeah, we eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as well. And that’s my fave salsa too! When we don’t have salsa, I’ve used hot sauce as well. Not as good, but still good.

  2. Why did you assign me the green nasty face?!

  3. oh yay, i’m a square pink silly face. muhahaha…

  4. but wait… i think i have a unibrow. -_-

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