We Aren’t The World

Why Americans are the weirdest people in the world

…a vast amount of scholarly literature in the social sciences—particularly in economics and psychology—relied on the ultimatum game and similar experiments. At the heart of most of that research was the implicit assumption that the results revealed evolved psychological traits common to all humans, never mind that the test subjects were nearly always from the industrialized West.

It turns out that culture can affect the way we see the world in profound ways! But a lot of studies have only American or European subjects, that are then extrapolated to cover everyone. Although to be fair, it seems like the studies were mostly Western as well, so it’s probably fine to extrapolate to cover the population that they were studying, just not all of humanity.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting read, if you are ever looking for one.
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  1. You find the most interesting articles. I have coworkers who think I’m so learned and a wealth of random knowledge (HAA!! Left to my own, I spend hours on DSW.) when in fact it’s because you share these eclectic articles with me to make me smarter.

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