As of 3PM

Last night, around 6pm:

me: g’town losing btw
we are f’d

Leaf: oh shit
i said theyd go all the way… u know why?
gawd i’m dumb
ask me why

me: why

Leaf: i like the name otto


Leaf: damn otto
from beetle bailey right?
he was so cute

me: great reason
I picked them too
so I am in same boat

Leaf: ok what’s your reason?

me: I just thought they were good and they were a local team

Leaf: oh

me: guess they weren’t that good:p

Leaf: hahaha

me: when Maryland won, I didn’t pick them to win it
And i regretted it

Leaf: aww

Which doesn’t explain this, at 3:15pm today:
Yut, Leaf: 24!
mim, pol: 23
YuHK, misa: 22
Kaffryn: 21
Lewis, Seth: 19

That’s right, three out of the top four have Georgetown all the way! Leaf is tied for first! What the what?!

Although it does encapsulate perfectly the first part of the name of our little contest; know-nothing indeed. I mean, yes, Leaf knew that Otto Porter is a star for Georgetown, but she picked them because she liked his name because it was the name from a cute comic strip dog. (I had to look up what Otto had to do with Georgetown.) I picked because of sentimental regional reasons. This doesn’t get better with explaining. :D

Anyway, Georgetown, I am disappointed. Isn’t it supposed to be the year of the Jesuits?!

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  1. So what’s the final result?

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