Ignoramuses Like Georgetown to Win It All

You guys, we have nine people playing this year. And of those nine, four of us picked Georgetown to win it all! I guess a lot of us pick based on geography in lieu of actual knowledge.

Speaking of which, Polaris tried to claim that he hadn’t paid any attention to college basketball as a reason to not bother to join, but I arm twisted him with the most important fact about this particular contest: this is probably the first time since last April most of us even realized people play college basketball.

I’m trying to imagine some of us indignant over this blog post so far, but I can’t even. :)

Standings (in point order with name and name of bracket, except for the boring folks who took the trouble to rename their brackets but only to their names, and we won’t name names because I don’t want to):
Yut (Bunny Whisperer): 13
Leaf (Leaf’s Legit Bracket): 12 (WTF?!)
YuHK: 11
mim: 10
pol (pol’s wat is this i dont even): 10
Lew (Lew’s Pseudo-bracketology): 9
Kaffryn (Kaffryn’s Special Bracket): 9
Seth (Seth’s Bracket): 9
misa (Frogger Logger): 9

Here are our brackets, with scoring for the first day (because I took the screenshots just now, and all the games for the day have been played):

Yut — Indiana over Louisville

Leaf — Georgetown over Michigan State

YuHK — Louisville over Miami

mim — Georgetown over Louisville

pol — Georgetown over Michigan State (Two out of nine of us with this combination!)

Lew — Georgetown over Duke

Kay — Gonzaga over Florida

Seth — Louisville vs Miami (Two out of nine of us with this combination, too!)

misa — Indiana over Louisville (Two out of nine of us with this combination; the third common one!)

How do you guys like Yahoo!? I think it’s nice — everyone can check their scores with no trouble at all, and with pictures! :)


  1. I should be the Bracket Whisperer.

  2. Just a minor hiccup in the road. you’ll seeeeee muhahahahaha

  3. the best players come straight from high school :3

    i only really pay attention during draft time

  4. welp, good run guys, cya next year


  5. I like the yahoo bracket thing. It’s really easy to use. Otto let me down. He let a lot of us down. I’m not naming my kid Otto anymore.

  6. I like the yahoo bracket thing too! #2! #2!

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