Sunrise, Sunset

I have pretty much always hated Daylight Saving Time. Well, I suppose that’s overstating it a bit — basically I agree with Kay on this one except for the driving bit.

I mean, I suppose Fall Back isn’t too bad, but Spring Forward sucks! I like my sleep! It doesn’t take impossibly long to adjust or anything, but that first weekend feels too short (I know it’s illogical since it’s one hour, but it feels like my weekend was too short) and that first Monday back at work is not fun.

But this year, Dr. Drang sort of changed my mind. Just sort of, mind you, but still.

If we stayed on Standard Time throughout the year, sunrise here in the Chicago area would be between 4:15 and 4:30 am from the middle of May through the middle of July. And if you check the times for civil twilight, which is when it’s bright enough to see without artificial light, you’ll find that that starts half an hour earlier.

This is insane and a complete waste of sunlight. Good for a nation of farmers, I suppose, but of no value to anyone in our current urban/suburban society except those people who get up and go running before work. And I see no reason to encourage them.

That’s true; I don’t know why I hadn’t really thought it through. I mean, on Saturday before DST (information from Google’s sunrise sunset calendar):
5:01am Start of astronomical twilight
5:32am Start of nautical twilight
6:02am Start of civil twilight
6:29am Sunrise
6:11pm Sunset
6:37pm End of civil twilight
7:08pm End of nautical twilight
7:38pm End of astronomical twilight

On Sunday after DST:
6:00am Start of astronomical twilight
6:31am Start of nautical twilight
7:01am Start of civil twilight
7:27am Sunrise
7:12pm Sunset
7:38pm End of civil twilight
8:09pm End of nautical twilight
8:39pm End of astronomical twilight

Basically, instead of light coming in at 6 in the morning, it was dark ’til 7 or so. That’s not bad! (Not that I can’t sleep with sun in my face, but y’know I sympathize.) But it’s super awesome for sunset: instead of it being dark already by 6pm, it’s now nice ’til after 7. I still don’t really get why we can’t just DST all year round — I mean, so what if it’s still dark at 8am? I used to get to the bus stop when it was still dark in the winter when I was in school, and it sucked, but no more so than getting up in the morning to get to school when it was light outside. So… that part of the argument, I don’t get.

Still though, I appreciate DST a bit more this year than previously, so thanks for that. But now I am on the make DST permanent bandwagon. :)


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  1. I like the longer days, later sunsets. Gives me time to dawdle on the way home from work without feeling rushed.

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