Never mind about Summer

Yesterday Yut and I discussed whether we should turn on the heat! It’s late July. It was probably in the low 60s, maybe high 50s? In the end we put on some fleece and flannel and sweats and it was fine but sheesh.

I know people joke about how people with nothing to talk about like to talk about the weather. I guess I have nothing to talk about; I am evidently obsessed by weather. But ok, really, the Bay Area spoils me. I am only comfortable 65-80°F now and the “extremes” of those temperatures aren’t that comfortable.

This was kind of a humble brag, I apologize. The discomfort is real. :D

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  1. That’s crazy. Turning on heat in July!?! Yeah you two made the right decision. Although 50s does sound more like Autumn weather than Summer. And wearing fleece in July sounds just as ridiculous. It’s cooled down a bit here too, but by that I mean low 80s rather than high 90s.

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