It’s a Sign

I haven’t had much luck donating blood to the American Red Cross.

I think the first time I tried to donate blood, I managed to donate, but despite orange juice drinking and cookie eating, I went home and got really dizzy and weak and sick feeling and went to bed early.

Another time, I made an appointment, then I thought I was late so I jogged uphill to make my appointment on time. Needles make me nervous so I was not able to bring my heart rate down in 15 minutes or whatever their standard is. No donation.

The last time, I went with Yut to a Red Cross RV thing. My veins are shitty so it takes me a long time! I lie there and lie there and I think one person comes in and leaves in the time it takes me to fill up my bag of blood! But it’s ok, I donated! Woot! Then they send me a letter telling me they rejected my blood because they detected hepatitis antibodies or something but it might be a false positive so please go see my doctor. What?! I freak out and go see my doctor, who sends me to the lab (different location, thank you insurance!!!), and I am tested. Negative, no hepatitis. Whew. Then the Red Cross sends me a post card asking me to donate! OMG NO! I swear I am not dealing with these people ever again. The phlebotomist usually has to use a child sized needle anyway and I clearly suck at blood giving!

Then the Red Cross calls me this summer. Twice! They say they are having shortages. Or were having shortages? Well, gosh, a shortage! Blood saves lives! I better make an exception. So I make an appointment. For this morning. Take time off work. But then this week I seem to be having a mild cold. Like I have a small tickle in my throat — not quite a sore throat — and a slightly running nose — I’ve blown it three times this morning. But just in case, I call 1800RedCross and ask, hey if I have a slight cold with a runny nose and whatnot, can I still donate? Heather who answers the phone tells me that if I feel well and I don’t have a fever and am not taking antibiotics, then it’s fine. So I walk over 1.5 miles to the donation center. And when I’m checking in, they ask how I’m feeling. So I explain about the mildly runny nose and the throat tickle. AND THEY TELL ME NOT TO DONATE!!! OMG!!! Look I don’t mind them telling me for my own good not to donate. And I don’t mind them wanting to protect the blood supply. Lovely sentiments, both. But maybe tell me ahead of time so I don’t walk over a mile to see you first!!! I told them to not contact me anymore. If I pass by a blood drive, I’ll try and stop in. Then if they reject me, at least it’s not quite so frustrating. Then I walked a mile to my office. Sheesh.

The Red Cross and I are not a match! I wanted to say bloody star crossed even though I’m not British but it was pfunny in my head. But then I thought that might be too dorky. But whatever, I am dorky. Anyway, if you don’t have problems donating, go donate, I guess. They might be having a shortage, although maybe everyone else already addressed it I don’t know. Yut donated. So we got to walk the 1.7 miles together, which was nice. He has no troubles. Ever. They love him.


  1. dude seriously! No wonder blood is so hard to find! I tried it once with lew and they loved his blood -_- They wanted him to go back for the fancy platelet blood thingy.
    I got all tingly and woozy and didn’t like it but was like oh hey, i’m helping!! THEN I get a letter in the mail saying they rejected my blood!! They said they detected like hepatitis c in it during their first testing, but they tested it again, and found out that it was negative, but because the test had an error the first time, they rejected it! ALL MY BLOOD! WASTED!! I mean gosh, at least donate it to some vampires or something.The card also told me that because of this one time error, I wasn’t allowed to donate blood. ever. WTF!? crazy people. I’ll keep my blood afterall then.

  2. Haha yeah seriously! I can use my blood if you can’t. Sheesh.

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