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USA Today: Did ‘Jeopardy!’ cheat a boy out of a win?

Have you heard about this? Evidently a kid spelled emancipation wrong (“emanciptation”) on Final Jeopardy and even though it was the right answer he was ruled out and didn’t get credit. Mind you, he wouldn’t have won anyway, and the amount of prize money he won wouldn’t have changed anyway (runner up in Jeopardy doesn’t get all the money). But he’s “stunned” and throwing a tantrum.

Seriously though, anyone who watches Jeopardy knows that this is the way it works. If he had spelled emancipation wrong by writing “emansipayshun” for example, Alex would’ve given it to him even though it’s arguably more wrong. “Emanciptation” is not merely a misspelling, if you pronounce it, it’s not the same word. Where’s Alex supposed to draw the line?

Anyway, I guess I feel like the kid sounds really entitled. You got it wrong and you wouldn’t have won even if you’d gotten it right. I’m sorry, but them’s the shakes!!! Please learn to handle setbacks more gracefully.

What do you think?


  1. I didn’t think it was that big a deal at first, but thought about it and I now think that the “t” does change the word. Jeopardy’s consistent with how they rule on misspellings and this is inline.

  2. Yeah I think the kid is acting entitled. I’m surprised because he wouldn’t have won anyway! And I agree, emanciptation is too jacked up. Chalk it up to nerves, pressure, whatever. But now that it’s over, he should be more graceful about it. That his parents are publicizing this tantrum kind of explains a lot though. Junior can do no wrong!

  3. He did still win $2,000 as the runner up on the show so he did not go home empty handed at all. He did lose $3,000 of his prize winnings though for getting it wrong. The other little boy who got it right won $66,600 so he wouldn’t have beat him anyway. It’s not like it really changed the outcome of the show, but people are still upset over it.

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