I had an eye exam today. They dilated my eyes — I don’t know why they have to dilate your eyes every damn time. ANYWAY, so just before noon I walk out and wow is it sunny! It hasn’t been sunny the past few weeks actually, but today it was sunny. So I’m walking around squinting like mad, super uncomfortable.

Then I pass by a theater and glance at the posters in passing, and what do I see?

300 Rise of an Empire PosterThe 300: Rise of an Empire poster.

Only I’m so blind, my first thought is, “WTF! What is up with that belly!” Then I look and see it’s a 300 poster. Wow those Spartans really let themselves go after losing. That’s a weird idea for a sequel.

I actually had to step closer to figure out that it was a shield and not some slouchy dude with a big pot belly.