SF-Oakland Bay Bridge Time Lapse

Last night we drove to SFO, over the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge! It just opened at 5am yesterday (Tuesday September 3) so it was all of our first time! (I think it’s the eastern span, my direction sense isn’t so great:p) Anyway, it was beautiful! But on the way back, we hit some of the worst traffic I’ve experienced in a long time. We think there were just too many damn people on the road, possibly to check out the bridge? It was basically a parking lot at 9pm through the city on the way to the bridge. Traffic on the bridge itself was heavy, but at least moving. So maybe don’t make a special trip to see it if you were considering that! Beautiful doesn’t make the traffic worth it, especially when there’s a bike path.

The time lapse is pretty amazing, worth a watch. :)


  1. Did you get the car back in time?

  2. Yup, we booked a lot of time just in case, so we had plenty.

  3. I love that time lapse video. Incredible.

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