Pen and ink

Yut bought me a fountain pen a while back. I love it! Analog is fun. :)
TWSBI mini fountain pen

It’s a TWSBI Diamond Mini Clear pen with a 1.1mm stub nib. The stub nib makes everything look fancy. And the piston fill mechanism is super easy to use.

Currently, I have Diamine Evergreen ink in the pen, which is a super dark green. Great ink so far. Flows well, I like the color and the slight variation.

The notebook I wrote on in that picture is a Rhodia dotPad. I really like the paper in the dotPad, but I don’t like the format. It’s hard to use both sides of the paper in a pad, easier in a little notebook, like Field Notes, although I like the Rhodia paper better.

I would recommend everything in the photo except the Rhodia dotPad, which I suppose just isn’t the right tool for me. Writing with a fountain pen is just more fun. And it’s neat (gosh there’s gotta be a better word here) to buy a whole bottle of ink and fill the pen instead of buying a new pen every time it runs out of ink.

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  1. It’s a beautiful pen!

    I want.

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