At the End of the First Weekend

Dude, there were some crazy results. I actually didn’t watch any games, but every now and then I checked the scores and OMGWTFBBQ?! Wichita State (#1 Midwest) is out, so is Duke! Villanova is out, so is Syracuse. Stanfurd beat Kansas!

YuHK: 48
YB: 44
Lew: 42
mim: 41
tigs, Seth: 40
Pol: 39
Kaffryn: 38
misa: 37
CT, not winning: 35

Actually, to give her credit, CT had an amazing Day 2, where she called 14/16 games. Alas, for round 2, she called 6/16 games, and every team she picked for the next round is done already in the South region. YuHK, meanwhile has a perfect West Region after round two. I guess we’ll see what happens next Thursday, but YuHK also has the fewest points already lost so…


  1. Gaaaaah!!!! I hate basketball! You know what? Next time, before I fill these things out, I’m going to delete that little number before each school name. It’s completely throwing me off.

  2. basketball is stoopid. stoopid i tell you.

  3. Update this!! I can’t be in last place still.

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