More Pens!

As long as I’m talking about pens and inks, I have a couple of other ones, too.

That’s my TWSBI Diamond Mini still inked with Diamine Evergreen, same as the previous post. Then a Pilot 78g with a fine nib inked with Waterman Tender Purple. Last one is a Pilot 78g broad nib (but more of a stub) with Pilot Blue Black ink. I like the Pilot 78g, especially around $10, but the converter for refilling ink is really just okay. And using cartridges, which is pretty much the only other option, isn’t half as nice, plus the ink choices are fewer. The ink reservoir and piston mechanism in my TWSBI is much better. Overall, I’d rather get another TWSBI, although I suppose if I lose a 78g I would be less upset. You could spend a lot more on pens, but I think I personally would rather not. I am eying more ink though. :)

The notebook is a small Rhodia notebook with graph rule. It’s a little bit too small, but not bad. I don’t love graph though, blank or dots are my preference. Paper’s excellent of course.

I messed up the picture! The pens aren’t lined up by what I wrote; I switched the 2nd and third pens. The one in the middle is the Pilot 78g fine and the one below is Pilot 78g broad.


  1. What converter does the 78G come with? The Pilot Metropolitan’s cleaning converter that it comes with leaks ink all over the body of the pen. I’m thinking about getting the Pilot Con-50 converter.

  2. the cleaning converter. Mine hasn’t leaked but omg does it hold v. little ink. Or maybe it’s just hard to use. Whatever, thumbs down.

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