So the tournament’s not over ’til Monday night, but it’s all over for the Know-Nothing-No-Downside-Not-Much-Upside pool-contest-thingie. That’s because the two teams playing for the finals are UConn and Kentucky, which NONE OF US PICKED. So this is the final result.

YuHK: 64
Yut: 60
me, K: 57
YB, Seth: 56
Polaris: 52
misa: 49
Lew: 48
Leaf: 41

Yes, Leaf, you can still be last. And well, either basketball is stoopid or we are, since we’re all done already. And yes, for the second year in a row, YuHK won it all. DUDE, I just gave him his prize yesterday for LAST YEAR. Well anyway, congratulations!

Winners and prizes, to the best of my memory. If I got it wrong, please correct me. Yes the prizes really are that lame. Except mine. :)

2014: YuHK (congratulations — see above — and we’ll deign to have dinner with you on Tuesday)
2013: YuHK (Pilot 78g fountain pen and 2 ink cartridges)
2012: YB (baby shirt, upf 50, organic, local etc — I combined it with a baby gift for her daughter)
2011: Seth (little bottles of olive oil from the farmer’s market)
2010: K (earrings from a local artisan)
2009: YB (congratulatory text)
2008: me! (trip to Chicago)
2007: Yut (kiss, hearty handshake, and congratulations)
2006: Yut (kiss and hearty handshake)
2005: misa (bunny candles from the farmer’s market)

There’s still a trend here where only people with names starting with Y can repeat. I just do not understand!


  1. Next year, I’m entering as Yeaf.

  2. i love the green bunny shirt for p! but i feel cheated for 2009! :P

  3. Yup, putting the Not Much in Not Much Upside since 2005!

  4. I feel you YB, 2006-2009 (minues 2008) were pretty lean years. And please don’t invite my brother next year.

  5. That was some good olive oil! The more I know about college basketball… the less likely I am to be able to compete in basketball pools. Though this year I thought I knew very little!

  6. Yay! I’m glad you liked it. Also, I think this is a group of people who don’t watch any college basketball all year, so your know-nothingness is not a particular advantage. Muahahaha? :p

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