I Like Pencils, Too

I don’t just use fountain pens! Actually, I try not to use fountain pens on my everyday carry notebook — the Field Notes — because of the aforementioned show through. Sometimes, I don’t use a pen at all.
Smells of nostalgia
So much nostalgia. I like the color! I like the sharpening! Aren’t the shavings pretty? And I love the smell. Actually, sometimes, I catch myself sniffing at my pencil at work. I’m embarrassing. I don’t know if it’s particular to these Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, or if lots of pencils have a nice wood smell, but I do know I don’t want a pencil that doesn’t have some kind of wood smell.

The shavings are from a Medium 2.5 pencil — just slightly harder than the standard #2 pencils we used to use in school for tests. Harder is nicer for notes because it stays sharper for longer, and 2.5 is still soft enough to show up nicely, usually. Although I do like the softness and darkness of a standard #2 HB pencil. It’s a tough decision. I should probably do a side by side comparison of the #2 and #2.5 pencils.

I kind of want to try another pencil, but I haven’t decided what. Definitely not mechanical. Taking recommendations for nice wooden pencils! Or I might just stick with these, ’cause they’re pretty much alright.

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  1. “I should probably do a side by side comparison of the #2 and #2.5 pencils.”

    I’ll be waiting for this post. I do love me some side by side.

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