Leaf inspired me to start journaling a bit. Actually, it mostly just means I buy notebooks that are around 5×7 (A5 equivalent?) that are blank and blather all over it. Sometimes I write random quotes or whatever just to practice handwriting.

I just bought a random Miquerius Flexible journal. It’s 100 blank pages, but it doesn’t stay open by itself which is my preference. Paper seems nice though. Miquelrius flexible journal paper, Diamine Evergreen, TWSBI Mini 1.1mm stub
Doesn’t look like it feathers, and I can use both sides of the paper. I like the elastic that keeps it closed. I think I like notebooks even more when it’s not necessary, but either way.

Still I’m going to buy something else for when I’m done with this one. I think I’d like a hardcover journal that’ll stay open. Also, if possible, I’d like it to have a pretty cover. :)


  1. I like the color ink! Deep green. Lovely.

  2. Me too, really love the color. :)

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