Puzzles & Dragons

This always happens: we visit family, someone is playing some random game that we aren’t playing. So we try it out. Next thing you know we are playing and playing and the person (or people) who told us to play isn’t really anymore.


Puzzles & Dragons — actually it’s pretty fun, or at least the orb spinning and team making anyway. I personally do not enjoy managing my monster box. But I didn’t much like that for Pokemon either, though it was somewhat easier. Luckily Yut manages mine for me. :)


  1. I can’t get a naga to save my life!! :)

  2. There’s a chance of gold keepers, angelits, and devilits in the Pal Egg pull so I have been pulling to no avail! Well maybe I got an angelit, but 1, out of I don’t know how many. /sigh

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